Notes from the Cat Pen 2

A Volunteer Fosterer’s Blog
Our First ClientsTiggy01
The first resident in our new CP cat pen was very temporary. A possible stray had been spotted and we were asked to pick him up and provide shelter while any contact details were checked. Fortunately, he was microchipped and his owner was soon located and came to fetch him.
But there is always a needy cat on the CP waiting list – we learnt that very quickly. As soon as the pen was empty again, we collected an elderly cat whose owner had gone into a home. Tiggy was about 15 years old and spent much of her time sleeping, but she really did enjoy company and would march up the pen’s ramp, jump delicately onto any lap provided, then snuggle down for a good long snooze.
Although very healthy for her age, she had an ongoing problem with constipation but the vet gave us some Lactulose liquid which we put in with her food –luckily she liked the taste of it and it did the trick. We knew that as an oldie she would probably be a bit slow to rehome and indeed she was with us for over three months.
But then she was spotted on the Branch’s website and went to a new home and a devoted new owner: a really pleasing result for a sweet little cat and for us too.


For more information about our cats go to

Torquay Cats Protection


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