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Setting UpCat Pen 02

We’d had contact with Cats Protection a few years back when we adopted a pair of black and whites from our local CP Centre. But when we realised that the organisation also had volunteer fosterers who cared for needy cats in pens in their own gardens – we jumped at the chance to apply. A few weeks later, local branch representatives visited to assess what we could offer.
The company who would be building the custom-made pen checked out the space available and produced a layout that would meet CP requirements. On a very wet autumn day, four hardworking young men set about constructing the pen and quickly created a roomy and light environment with sunning area, sleeping cabin, shelves and ramps. An electrician added the finishing touches of lighting and a wall panel radiator.
The pen is 2 metres by 3 metres and the layout squarer, less narrow than many. This has allowed us to install a couple of garden chairs – these have proved very popular with the cats, as well as allowing us to sit with them to provide companionship and a comforting lap. The pen has surfaces that are easy to clean – a must when there’s a quick change between “clients”.
CP delivered litter trays, litter, cat food, cat toys, bowls, beds, bed-heaters, cleaning implements and materials…… We were ready for our first feline tenant.

For more information about our cats go to

Cats Protection Torquay


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