Notes from the Cat Pen 3

A  Volunteer Fosterer’s Blog

The Smelly Boys
Lloyd and Lennie were 18 month-old brothers whose owner’s circumstances had changed so that she felt unable to keep them any longer. They were unused to strangers or being in carriers, so by the time they arrived in our CP pen they were very frightened, huddling together in the farthest corner, shaking and hissing at even the most tentative approach.
For more than two weeks we sat quietly in the pen, talking gently, and finally they accepted us, allowing us to stroke them. They’d not been neutered and in the confines of our pen this became very apparent – the distinctive aroma lingered on our clothes and hair. So taking them to the vet for neutering seemed like a sensible first step and within a few days of their op the smell had gone and their fur was softer.

Lloyd03What is more, they became a couple of big cuties, rolling over for tummy rubs. Flu jabs, HIV tests, chipping and a good check-LloydLennieover were all completed – so now we had two friendly, sweet-smelling handsome young cats, still a little nervous of strangers, but otherwise all ready to go.
It wasn’t surprising then that they soon found a new home with a young family, whose previous cats had died a few months earlier. Within a few weeks Lloyd and Lennie were venturing out into their new garden – but rushing back indoors if they heard a bee.

For more about our cats go to

Torquay Cats Protection


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