Notes from the Cat Pen 4

A Volunteer Fosterer’s Blog

The Master Mariner
Drake had been chipped and registered to Cats Protection when he was a kitten back in 2007, but he was handed in to a vet practice many miles away and appeared to be a stray. His original owner’s contact details must have been out of date and they could not be traced.
Understandably he was rather stressed at the longish journey to our pen, but he soon settled in and seemed philosophical about his situation. A sensible middle-aged gent, Drake was not really a lap cat (just as well as he was a big boy) but he was friendly and enjoyed sitting on our feet as well as lazing in the sunshine.

Drake03cropBut he was jet black and we knew that black cats take longer to home than their more colourful cousins. So we checked him out at the vets then prepared ourselves for his being a possible long stay and our having to ignore his wistful looks at the garden.
But luck was with him and a couple who adored black cats adopted him after only a few weeks. Even better, the husband was a professional sea Drakeface2fisherman so Drake kept his nautical links and (we’d like to think) enjoyed the odd bit of fresh fish.

For more about our cats go to

Torquay Cats Protection


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