Notes from the Cat Pen 5

A Volunteer Fosterer’s Blog
We Won’t Fail You
We named her Josie after a Donovan song (“Josie I will not fail you”) because she was so very much in need of our care. A stray kitten, about 6 months old and in a terrible state – desperately thin, with bald patches and scabs, she had been handed in to a local vets who had scanned for a microchip but found nothing.Josie09a
Despite her condition and her troubled past, she was incredibly friendly – jumping onto a lap immediately. She ate, and ate, and ate – and soon her fur started to look better and her scabs began to heal. We took her to the vets for a check-up and flu jab and asked if they thought she was neutered – difficult to say was the answer.
That question was resolved a few days later when she came on heat: scary to witness but we were so glad that she was safe in our pen and not outside where she would have been able to get pregnant (she was such a tiny scrap). So her next visit to the vet was for neutering and microchipping. She recovered quickly, all the time looking more sleek and healthy.
Soon she was an elegant young cat – sweet and beautiful.

A family who’Josie20d been searching for just the right cat for a little while saw her on the Branch website, came to meet her and fell in love. Josie went off to her new home where her new owners said everyone adored her.

For more information about our cats go to

Torquay Cats Protection


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