Notes from the Cat Pen 6

 A Volunteer Fosterer’s Blog
George Clooney
Sammy the stray was about four or five years old and strikingly handsome (a George Clooney among cats). The kind lady who’d been feeding him would have liked to keep him but her own cat objected.
He was very frightened when he first arrived in our Cats Protection pen and cowered in a corner: we gave him a cardboard box with bedding in it so he had somewhere comfortable to hide. After about 10 days he started relaxing and would allow us to stroke him, so we felt able to take him to the vets.
First on our list for the vet was neutering Sammy. While he was anaesthetised he also had a chip inserted. Within days his fur was softer and he was friendlier, so when we took him back to the vet for his first flu jab he behaved beautifully.

Back in his pen he was soon rolling around happily and demolishing his cat toys. That evening we added him to the Adopt page of the Branch website and in less than a week he was spotted by a couple looking for cat , they came straight round to meet him and agreed he was the one for them.

Sammy 01b

For more information about our cats go to

Torquay Cats Protection


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