Notes from the Cat Pen 7

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A Return VisitPearl3
Just occasionally a Cats Protection rehoming doesn’t take. This was the unfortunate situation with Pearl. As a pregnant stray, she’d come in to another fosterer earlier in the year, been cared for as she gave birth to four healthy kittens and when they were weaned she went to a new home. But unexpected things happen, and her new owner’s circumstance changed, so the Branch was asked if they could find another new owner.
Pearl was an adaptable soul, used to being in a pen and meeting different people, so she settled in within minutes and was soon jumping up on our laps. It can be very relaxing sitting in the garden pen in the company of a friendly cat – and she was certainly that.
As she had been chipped and neutered when previously in CP’s care, there were no vet visits to schedule. And as she was so loving and laid-back, we had a few weeks of just routine feeding, cleaning up and providing company.
Then the ideal owner contacted CP – a retired lady at home all day. Her cat had recently died and she missed the companionship. As soon as Pearl arrived she was playing with the cat toys, cuddling up on the sofa and in seventh heaven.

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