Notes from the Cat Pen 8

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Sense and Sensibility

Maisie was such a wise and sensible cat – unflustered by the wind rattling her pen and the rain beating on the plastic roof. She loved company and enjoyed a lap but knew when you needed to move – despite the fact that she was very dainty and not at all heavy. Fortunately she liked her pen. Before she came into CP she’d been spending most of her time in an unheated conservatory, with occasional visits from the resident small dog, so she seemed to find the size of her quarters very acceptable, warm and quiet.
Although 16 years old, she was very healthy: her black coat shiny and sleek, her temperament loving and laid-back. But we knew that, because of her age, she might take a long time to rehome so we tried to spend lots of time with her. But after a few weeks she was spotted on our website by a family happy to offer a golden oldie a loving home. Once delivered  to her new quarters, she set off exploring the comforts of her cosy living room.Maisie Big01amaisiedrawing1

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